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DIY Ideas: Repurposed Wooden Box

I love getting surprise packages…even the ones I’ve ordered for myself. I don’t like shopping in crowded places and trying out stuff at the malls. 

Unfortunately that means I also have a lot of packaging that collects at home. Fortunately, where I live, people are very serious about waste segregation and recycling, so I know they are not ending up in a landfill. I’ve also previously mentioned how I reuse cardboard boxes

A while ago, I ordered a piece of art that came in a wooden box. The box looked beautiful on its own but I didn’t know what to do with it. I took my time to figure out my options.

I could add some legs and tiles to turn it into a coffee table, but it was getting too expensive; I could turn it into a display shelf, but I didn’t want to add more planks to it and it would be a pain to dust; I could turn it into a miniature dollhouse, but that too would require a lot of effort I wasn’t willing to put.

Finally, when we were redecorating our home, I found the perfect place for it. It is on our balcony wall adding some much needed colour. It’s also a nice background to display my masks collection.


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