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Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

packaging box covered with wrapping paper repurposed to a cat food holder with a cat doodle on it saying feed me

Up-cycled cardboard boxes is a great project to do, as well as a nice way to use up leftover packaging materials. These boxes have become an affordable way to get creative with your decor and can be transformed in a multitude of ways. What are some of your ideas? Go crazy and make a variety of boxes out of different types of plastic, like bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard or even tea bags. Our imaginations are the limitation here

If you’re like me, you mostly shop online. Some are local stores that deliver in baskets they can take back. Mostly, you’re left with a bunch of packaging material of different kinds.

I have tried to be cautious while shopping online. I try to group my orders together by the same vendor, but even after all that I usually get items shipped to me individually. Thankfully, I live in a community that’s serious about waste segregation and recycling. We have multiple vendors who come in to collect the dry waste for recycling.

I try to reuse as much as possible at home. I have large diaper boxes from when our son was born. I’ve covered them with colourful wrapping paper and they’re still in use in our wardrobes.

Here is a fun project for the kids that makes use of old cardboard boxes or other found objects. It makes for a great party craft as well as an activity that can keep the kids busy during a wet afternoon.

Recently I used packaging for cat food to make a cat food pouch holder for easy access. It didn’t take long.The inside of it is not perfectly lined, but it looks great.

Up-cycled cardboard boxes are really versatile. You can use them as long as you want or as short as you need. These boxes look really nice almost anywhere. They make an ideal gift for a boyfriend, wife, partner or friend.

What do you do with your packaging boxes?


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