Month: March 2023

Baby with a board book

Encouraging the Love of Reading: Tips for Parents to Inspire Kids to Read

Reading is an essential skill that is fundamental to a child’s development. However, in recent years, there has been a growing concern that children are reading less due to increased screen time and a lack of interest in books.
In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of reading for children and provide tips on encouraging kids to read. We will also examine how the lockdown has affected reading in kids and provide insights into the types of books that children prefer.
I hope that this inspires parents and caregivers to foster a love of reading in children and unlock the many benefits that reading has to offer. You might even be inspired to start a reading habit for yourself!

Building with attached temple against blue sky and crescent moon

Travel India: Places to Visit in Pune

Pune was always known for its educational institutes and its cultural scene. In the last decade or so, it has also developed as an IT and industrial hub. However, no matter how much it ‘ develops ‘, Pune is still a small town at heart.
This is the land of the proud Marathas, with plenty of monuments to commemorate the legacy within and around the city, where bigger forts welcome trekkers and day-trippers.
Pune is best explored at leisure, in the unhurried way of a true Puneite. So take it easy and plan a maximum of two places a day. Here are just a handful of places to visit.