Month: November 2021

okara patties made from leftover soybean pulp after making homemade soy milk

Easy to make homemade soy milk and okara patties

Recently, I tried making some soya milk at home, which was quite tolerable. Okara is the soy pulp that is left after the milk is squeezed out. I used it to make soy patties that went as a good side dish with some ramen noodles.

Green bedroom walls with mandala painting

How to Update Your Home Decor with These 6 Ideas

Do you set up your home in a way that’s more or less permanent? Or do you get the itch to move things around every few months (if not weeks)? I love to change things around even if it’s something small or not obvious. It is pleasing to see, and because it’s a change for your eye, you actually notice it instead of glaze over it. Living in smaller apartments doesn’t give you a lot of room to play around, but you can keep things fresh by updating your decor once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a big change or an expensive one. I know some people keep a separate cupboard just to store knick-knacks that they rotate throughout the year. If you want to update your home decor and want some ideas, here are six ideas that will help you out. Get movable furniture instead of fixed furniture Fixed furniture ties you down. Apart from main wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, everything else should be movable and replaceable. Fixed bed frames and …

kindle with cover of the lincoln highway by amor towles on a white sheet with flowers on the side

A Book Review Of Lincoln Highway By Amor Towles

chance for a new start. Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Amor Towles’ previous book, A Gentleman in Moscow. The Lincoln Highway is his third novel. I was initially sceptical about it being as good as the previous book, which was just perfect. This book is well written, and Amor Towles skillfully crafts the story. This novel will keep you engaged throughout. 

SUV with wheels stuck in a ditch

3 Powerful Life Lessons You Can Learn From Overcoming Adversity

Adversity is a funny thing. It can bring out the worst in people, or it can bring out the best. In many ways, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. You’ll be surprised at how much adversity can teach you about yourself. The only way to overcome hardship is by learning from it. You can’t let negative experiences define you, but instead, use them to make yourself a better person. The more you reflect on your life and learn from your mistakes, the better prepared you will be for future challenges.

rangoli design of a flower

How to Level Up your Rangoli Skills with Homemade Colours

I love looking at the colourful piles of rangoli colours on carts that line the streets around the time of Diwali. The bright, beautiful hues in a myriad of colours fill my heart with joy and get me in a festive mood. This year, I decided to make rangoli colours at home. It was easy but time-consuming, and I loved the results. I’ve only bought the commercial rangoli colours a few times in my life. I prefer to use chalk and flowers instead of struggling to make delicate patterns with powder.  Making rangoli colours at home couldn’t be simpler, and best of all, it’s natural and eco-friendly. All you need is rice, refined flour, and natural food colours or use stuff from the spice rack. I ground the rice into fine powder. The rice flour from the store is too fine, so I prefer the homemade one, which is slightly granular. It gives a nice texture and flows smoother. I added refined flour with a ratio of 1:1.  Next, I separated this mix into different …

Easy Recipe Ideas: 3 Ingredient Diwali Laddoos

The school our son goes to has one day of the week dedicated to cooking and kitchen skills. From peeling and cutting to making something edible, with minimal help, these kids are learning some basic life skills and absolutely loving it. Recently, they made coconut laddoos with just three ingredients. They look and taste delicious, and best of all, kids can do this all by themselves. Ingredients: Makes about 10 pieces 2 cups desiccated coconut (plus 3 tbsp more for top coating) 1 cup condensed milk 2 tbsp Rooh Afza syrup Method: Combine all ingredients, making sure the syrup is well blended. Divide this mixture into 10 parts and roll each into a ball between your palms. Coat this with the extra coconut. This will stay outside at room temperature for 2 to 3 days or in the fridge for a week. The blush pink colour looks gorgeous. Note: Some links are part of an affiliate program, which means that if you click on a link and buy something, I might receive a percentage of …