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Celebrating Motherhood: Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Handmade mother's day card with butterflies

Mother’s Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating the women who have raised and nurtured us. Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide, typically on the second Sunday of May. It is a time to appreciate the hard work, dedication, and love that mothers put into their families every day. 

Motherhood is a demanding role that requires constant effort and multitasking. However, let’s refrain from patronising them by calling them superheroes or self-sacrificing angels. While these labels may seem like compliments, they can undermine the hard work and dedication that mothers put into their families every day. 

Although I must say, most moms do have powers that help them find anything in the house and know exactly what you need, even before you ask. They can cook up a storm in the kitchen, fix anything that’s broken, and still have time to dispense life advice that you didn’t even know you needed. And let’s not forget about their ability to make you feel guilty about not calling them enough, even though you just talked to them yesterday. 

handmade mother's day cards with colourful flowers

When it comes to gift-giving, mothers typically appreciate sentimental and thoughtful gifts that show how much they are loved and appreciated. Some popular gift ideas include jewellery, personalised items, spa treatments, and heartfelt cards or letters. However, the best gift a mother can receive is spending quality time with her family, playing a game or sharing thoughts and stories.

If you do decide to get her flowers, make sure you’re the one tending to them; put the flowers in a vase and change the water every two days. If not, you are just giving her another chore to do, and she certainly doesn’t need more of that.

Moms don’t want to be reminded of housework on Mother’s Day. So if you’re planning on gifting her kitchen gadgets, think again. Focus on her personal interests and what she would like to do. Maybe she would rather spend a day out of home with her friends or stay in her room reading a book without anyone disturbing her.

Refer to my previous post on Unique Gift Ideas for more gift ideas. 

Mother’s Day can be a bittersweet occasion for those who have lost their mothers. It is a day when we are reminded of the memories and moments that we shared with them. While it can be painful to celebrate this day without them, it is also an opportunity to remember and honour their legacy; lighting a candle, visiting their favourite spot, or doing something they loved, there are many ways to cherish their memory and express gratitude for the time we had with them.

It is also a time to reflect upon the fact that mothers are not perfect or saints. They come with faults and complications, as any human. Let’s try to understand and support them instead of putting them on a pedestal and loving them as they love us!

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