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Unique Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

hand painted valentine's day greeting card with love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We can all agree that the cliches, flowers and cute teddy bears that usually make up the bulk of Valentine’s Day gifts are passé. What are your options to stand out from the commercialised gifting options? I’ve listed some great ideas that are sure to impress. Whether you’re celebrating the day with your partner, a friend, or showing yourself some self-love, these will surely bring a smile.

Spend some quality time

Pamper yourself and your partner or your Galentine. Plan to do something you both would enjoy or try something new. Try painting together, or cook something indulgent, go for a leisurely trek, plan a photoshoot, or book a massage. There are so many options depending on your interests or thirst for adventure.

Handmade cards

Sending a heartfelt note is one of the best feelings. Just a few lines win over a standard Hallmark card. If you’re not the artistic type, some people can customise one for you. That way, you can be sure of an original piece. Not in the same place as your loved one? What’s better than sending them love in a card?


I love photo books. I get one printed every year with the highlights of the past year. It never fails to bring a smile when I’m feeling low. With our phone memory being overloaded with countless images, a curated set of printed pictures are a better way to relive some of your happiest memories. You can customise your book to highlight your relationship with pictures of you together, or make a book of pictures with quotes and thoughts. Vistaprint and Zoomin are great places to start your photo books in the Indian market.

Make it super personal by crafting a scrapbook with pictures and special mementos like movie tickets, notes, etc.

pile of printed photo books

A Personal Storybook

I loved making and gifting this book about The Story of Us as an anniversary gift. I relived some of my favourite moments from years gone by, and even our son loved reading it again and again. LoveBook has different themes you can use, or make your own. You can design your avatars as well. It’s a keepsake for sure.

Personalised dolls

This is one gift I’m waiting to give. These personalised, hand-painted nesting dolls by ColoredRims are just so adorable. You send in a picture and they paint it for you. Whether it’s just you and your pets, your partner, or a complete extended family, these would be just perfect on your mantle.

set of 4 personalised hand-painted dolls

Star map

We got this made for our son’s room with his birth date, but you can choose any date that holds significance for you and add a quote at the bottom. It is thoughtful and aesthetic at the same time. We got ours from SlateSky, but there are many others making it in different styles as well.

star map for a special date

DIY Memory Box

I love gifting and receiving handmade stuff. It just shows you’ve put in a little extra time, effort, and love into the gift, which makes it extra special. You can design your own box and fill it with love—treats, pictures, gifts or anything the receiver would love. You just need a blank box to unleash your creativity.

valentines day gift box

There are many ways to make the day memorable for someone you love. If you focus on their joy, not just pricey gifts, you might be surprised at what you come up with. It can be as simple as making breakfast in bed or as adventurous as taking a day trip to a town afar—the most important thing is to show your partner that you care. 


  1. Wow! your gift ideas really unique and useful always. I have learned a lot from you how to make feel special to someone whom we love. You are so exclusive writer.

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