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Weekend Stay in Hyderabad: Angirasa—Luxury Camping

2 luxury tents surrounded by trees with a lawn in the front where a child in shorts is playing with his archery set and the target board is in the front

Not too long ago, weekend stay options in Hyderabad were quite limited. You either had to drive longer hours out of the city or stay in a resort hosting multiple corporate retreats. For those looking at a quieter weekend to spend amidst natural surroundings, the choices were not up to the mark.

Weekend getaways from Hyderabad have become popular as groups of friends or families want to escape their daily scenery and take in some fresh air. In the last few years, there’s been a rise in smaller farmstays and homestays in and around Hyderabad. Throw in some good food and you’re sure to have a great staycation.

Having tried a few of the usual Hyderabad farm stays, we wanted to try out something different. Have you heard of the term glamping? It is for people who want to experience nature but not too much of it all at once. Glamour camping, or glamping, is the perfect solution for those who want all the creature comforts while out in the middle of nature.

We stayed at Angirasa Luxury Camping tents just on the outskirts of Hyderabad city limits. Large luxury tents nestled amidst mango trees offer a serene weekend stay where all you hear are the chirping of birds and crickets.

Glamping in a Luxury Tent

Glamping resorts have been around for a while now but can be quite expensive to stay at. For those who love the feel of adventure but also don’t want to give up on convenience and comfort, glamping in luxury tents is a good compromise. Air-conditioned tents for hot summer afternoons ensure you’re comfortable in all types of weather.

Angirasa is a glamping resort set amidst a mango orchard. Their large tents can easily accommodate four people and have a sunk-in area like a mini pool in the bath area, apart from a shower cubicle. The tent is spacious enough and you don’t feel cramped in.

As of now, there are just five tents, but more are being built. There are two tents near the resort entrance that overlook the lawn, restaurant, and swimming pool. It is ideal for families to keep an eye on their kids while they are running around. The other tents are a little more secluded if you prefer some privacy. You can select the tent you prefer at the time of booking.

Each tent is the same size, with one king-sized bed and one king-sized pull-out bed. Each tent accommodates four people. Privacy might be an issue if you plan to travel in a group, as the bathrooms are zippered tent flaps without any locks. There’s a dressing area and a study table as well. If you’re working remotely, you might want to consider staying here during the weekdays.

We loved the bonfire pit in front of the tents. Every evening, the staff helps you light your personal campfire. Since we had visited at a time when the nights were cooler, we loved spending time around the fire, offering cosy warmth after dinner.

There’s a mini fridge in the room, so you can bring some fruits or your choice of beverages. You can also bring a pack of marshmallows to roast over the fire.

A bonfire pit is lit up with campfire in front of a luxury tent on a farm. A child is stoking the fire with a long log of wood
A warm place on a cool night

Road trip from Hyderabad

As soon as you make a booking at the resort, someone will call you and remind you not to follow the route that Google Maps shows. It takes you on a stretch of road that is narrow and not as smooth as the one they suggest.

You need to take ORR Exit 7 at Shamirpet and head towards Siddipet to reach Kuknurpalle village. After the exit, you can put Kuknurpalle Police Station on Google Maps, then head towards Thipparam. From here, if you check Google Maps for directions, you’ll get the right route. The resort staff is super helpful in guiding you, but phone networks can be patchy at times, so it’s best to have your route planned out.

The roads are smooth and wide even after exiting the ORR. Only the 100 or so metres leading to the resort is unpaved. It took us under two hours to reach.

What to Do over the Weekend

If you are the kind of person who cannot sit still, there are some activities you can do at the resort. The swimming pool is not very deep, so even kids can enjoy some splash time without any worry. If you get some water toys, you can make a fun afternoon out of it. 

The resort also has some cycles for kids and adults, so you can zip around the resort on them. If you prefer to be on the ground, then take a walk around the property or even outside, especially in the early mornings. Carry your binoculars and spot as many birds as you can.

For those who prefer to sit back and take it easy, there is a chess board and carrom board for your use. If you forgot to bring a book, then pick one from their bookshelf at the restaurant or in your room. They also had adult colouring books and colour pencils, which we enjoyed doing as a family.

We had brought along our portable archery set with us and set it up in the common lawn area. It was quite fun to try it out in an open space.

A note to consider, especially if you’re there in a group—don’t be the tent that blasts loud music, disturbing the peace for other guests. It is highly inconsiderate even if you’re doing it in the early evenings. Not everyone shares your interest in music.

Where to Eat

We left home around lunchtime. Since we were on the ORR route, we exited at Nanakramguda and had lunch at the Fisherman’s Wharf, near the ORR exit, then got back on the ORR to continue to the resort.

There were also plenty of food options after exiting the ORR at Shamirpet, including a large Pista House. Soon, an aircraft will be converted into a Pista House restaurant near here.

There are also roadside vendors selling seasonal fruits and snacks. We had some roasted corn and guavas on our way back.

At the resort, their restaurant, The Sacred Mango, serves up scrumptious meals. Ravi and his team take excellent care in providing the best service and food. The cuisine is South Indian fare and has some charcoal grills as well. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian items are available, although they do not have any desserts on the menu.

The food was delicious at every meal. We loved the dals, ghee roast chicken biryani, kebabs, and curd rice made on request. Breakfast is a sit-down affair with a limited menu that changes every day. The sambar and chutneys are unlike what is served at regular restaurants in the city. Note that the prices are higher than what you would pay at most similar places. Apart from the quality, it takes into account that produce is not easily available nearby and has to be transported in from the city. 

If you plan to reach the resort early, you can call ahead and have lunch ready for you before you check in. Similarly, you can choose to have lunch at the resort after a late checkout before heading home.

Helpful Tips

White Heron taking a stroll on the farm's pathway
A wandering resident
  • Carry some snacks, fruits, and beverages, especially if you have kids with you who constantly want some munchies.
  • Get your floaties, inflatable balls, etc., to use in the swimming pool.
  • Weekday prices (Monday through Thursday) are lower than weekend prices, so you can plan accordingly.
  • There’s good WiFi in the rooms (though not much in the common areas), so you can also plan to work remotely.
  • We didn’t encounter mosquitoes, but you’d be better off carrying mosquito repellant just in case.
  • There are bugs and insects around. I carry a small bottle of aloe vera gel at all times to soothe any bites and rashes.
  • Most Indians shun sunscreen but remember to use it on a regular basis, especially when you’re out in the open or in the swimming pool.
  • Unless you plan to spend your time doing absolutely nothing, you might want to bring your entertainment with you. Download some movies on your laptop or phone, get your book or board game, or any sporting equipment.
  • Although they don’t advertise themselves as a pet-friendly resort, we did see a furry guest on a leash. Check before booking if you’d like to bring along your pet as well.

Some other staycation options in Hyderabad include the Baby Elephant Farm, Life at Prakasham, Ramoji Film City, and Palm Exotica

sun setting behind some palm trees and mango orchard
Sunset in the Mango orchard

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