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Hyderabad Staycation: Life at Prakasham

Child walking down the steps of a high lookout tower

Have you been itching to travel, but common sense has held you back? Even after we completed both our COVID vaccinations doses, we have been quite hesitant to travel. Our primary concern is our young unvaccinated child and the unpredictable new variants.

We have been exploring our immediate surroundings around Hyderabad, India and looking at options we feel are relatively safer.

Many resorts in Hyderabad have sprung up in the last decade mainly catering to corporate team-building events. I never enjoy these places because they are always crowded and noisy.

Weekend places in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad stay options range from luxury hotels and big resorts on the outskirts of town to the quieter and smaller home and farm stays. I had written about one such stay – The Baby Elephant Farm in my earlier post. Today, I’m writing about Life at Prakasham.

Both these places cater to a limited number of people. There are no crowded restaurants or noisy parties. Set amidst a relatively small farm, they exude peace and calm. A farm stay in Hyderabad, that too so close to city limits, has been a boon for us looking for a scene change.

Hyderabad Staycation @ Life at Prakasham

Set among plots of farmland, this is an oasis. As you enter, you see they have made every effort to keep nature’s influence in every aspect of the campus. The lotus pond, the open thatched dining areas, and small nooks and corners for you to seek some solitude contribute to the serenity of the space.

We reached just in time for lunch. After a refreshing welcome drink of nimbu paani, we had our lunch even before we checked in. Lunch was a piping hot sumptuous spread of North Indian cuisine. 

We had booked both the Ponderers Rooms, so we had the privacy that the enclave provided. Be aware that when you book these rooms, a lot of the glass (especially one that divides the two rooms) is challenging to cover up. We didn’t have to bother much since we had booked both the rooms.

The rooms are elegant and simple. They are air-conditioned and comfortable even in the warmer months.

There’s a treehouse with some toys that keep the little kids entertained and a higher macchan that offers gorgeous views. There’s a forest reserve being developed nearby, so you can take in as much greenery as your eyes desire.

There is also a small pool and a pool table, both of which we didn’t use. We chose many walks around the farm instead – in the evening, after dinner, and in the morning. There are plenty of Insta-worthy spots. The rooms themselves are not the standard boxes you see in resorts. Each type of room is designed uniquely and offers a different experience.

It was a nice break from the four walls of our home after another lockdown. The staff were accommodating and responsive. The food throughout our stay was worth writing home about.

Pet-friendly stays in Hyderabad

Good news for pet parents. Life at Prakasham is a pet-friendly resort. You just need to inform them beforehand. We didn’t take our fur babies because they’re old and get stressed in new environments. But if your babies love to travel, then they’ll love the wide-open spaces this place provides.


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