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On 100 Days of Blogging

What happened when I blogged for 100 days straight? It felt incredible, first of all. I am proud that I took it on and committed to it, even with travel plans looming ahead. I’ve written previously about my feelings when I completed a hundred posts and my reasons for blogging. This felt like more of an accomplishment because it needed more discipline.  

It wasn’t always easy. There were days when motivation was lacking. On these days, I took a quick break to unwind either on my art table or with a book or TV. I planned for days when I knew I would be away from my desk and scheduled posts to auto-publish – posts like this one!

I had stopped working after my son was born. As most non-working parents would experience, it is tough to have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. The laundry’s still piling up, the house is a mess, you’ve barely managed to feed everyone, and you’re exhausted by the end of the day. It feels you’re tired after having achieved only the bare minimum. It can be pretty demotivating. 

When I started drawing again during the lockdown in 2020, I regained some of my purpose. I was doing something that was just for myself, something I enjoyed. When my husband gifted me a website on my birthday to sell my art, it felt great to work towards something and see it do well. I felt the same when I started the blog. It gave me a space to talk and something to do that’s just for me. After all, you can’t be a mom, wife, daughter, friend all day long. You need time and space to be just Me.

What helped my 100 days of blogging:

  • I jotted down bullet points for blog post ideas and grouped them into categories for reference.
  • I had a couple of previously written posts that I used here.
  • I used some of my Instagram posts to get ideas and elaborated on the captions for blog posts.
  • I was realistic about my reach. I need over a thousand posts and more engagement with the community to reach more people. That will happen over time. For now, I’m just glad to be posting what I want without any pressure.

Will I continue blogging every day?

I don’t think it is sustainable to blog every day. I plan to cut back to twice a week (more if I feel like it). Sometimes I worry I’ll run out of things to write about, then I look around and find at least five more things I want to talk about.

I’m in it for the long haul. I hope you join me on my journey!

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