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On Persistence

This right here is my hundredth post on the blog! I didn’t think I’d get here in just over two months. I didn’t think I had it in me to be persistent enough or interested enough to follow through.

I had wanted to start a blog soon after I had my son. I wanted to talk about things I wished someone had told me about. I also wanted to share my thoughts on a whole bunch of things that randomly cropped up in my head. However, raising a baby, then a toddler is a full day and night job! I just couldn’t muster enough headspace to take on another commitment.

However, I jot down points and thoughts I had during that journey, so I didn’t forget whenever I started my blog. These came in handy. It gave me a few almost-ready blog posts to start with and helped me remember things I would’ve otherwise forgotten six years later.

One thing that has sustained my persistence is my interest in blogging. I didn’t think I would have a ready audience holding on to my every word from the first post onwards. I wasn’t doing this as a way of catharsis or using the blog as my personal journal. I just felt I had something to share that would interest others, and it might help me find my (online) tribe! 

Blogging also helped me gather my thoughts and help me improve my writing.

Recently, I got the most significant validation when a new mom messaged me and said my post on breastfeeding helped her. I was so glad!

I hope to continue writing, and in the process, meet like-minded people. 

The next milestone is 100 straight days of blogging. We’re very close!

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