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Safe Spaces for Kids in Hyderabad

child in red shirt climbing a tree in a park

As we slowly come out of our houses after almost two years of intermittent lockdowns, we still need to be cautious. Most of us adults have been vaccinated, but our kids are at risk of exposure to COVID-19.

However, we cannot keep them indoors indefinitely. Taking them to malls and other crowded places comes with many risks, especially with younger kids who want to touch every surface and won’t keep their masks up.

Here are a few places in Hyderabad you can take your kids without much worry. 

Local parks

kid kicking a ball around in a park

While most people crowd to larger parks, especially over the weekend, it is safer to look for smaller community parks in your neighbourhood. They only have a few walkers at the most, so you have a lot of open spade for your kids to run around. Carry a soft ball they can throw around, play badminton, climb trees, or just walk around exploring the area. 

Check out some Parks in Hyderabad.

Kidzplore Klub, Kavuri Hills

child playing with balloons in an activity centre for kids

We love this place. Their Little Gym classes are well planned for kids of all ages. They are not accepting larger groups of kids, and the trainers all follow safety protocols. My son took their gym and Lego classes twice a week and loved it. He was thrilled when he could finally do the cartwheel. (Kidzplore Klub)

Wall Ride Park, Chevalla Road

child riding a cycle on a pump track

This is an action sports park for kids (and adults) 5 years old and above. This pump track and skatepark is a thrill to learn to navigate. You can opt just to use the tracks or avail of their expert training facility. (Wall Ride Park)

Pala Pitta Cycling Park, Gachibowli

child cycling on a natural trail surrounded by trees

This is such a wonderful place to spend the mornings—cycle at your own pace in this tiny forest bang in the middle of the city. Look for chirping birds and other critters. You can get your own cycle or rent one from the entrance gate for a small fee. If you’re going with younger kids, look for the separate bike track to keep them safe. (Pala Pitta Cycling Park)

Have fun and stay safe!

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