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DIY Painted Planters

collage of 4 hand-painted terracotta planters with plants

Once I figured that I could paint pretty much any surface, it was hard to control myself. In one of my previous posts, I’ve talked about painting some decor items. Next, I wanted to revamp my balcony garden.

The boring old brown and black plastic pots are a thing of the past. Welcome to the terracotta age. These pots look gorgeous even if you don’t decorate them. They are also a much better option for growing healthy plants. The terracotta wicks away the extra water, and since it’s a breathable material, the plants stay happy.

I got my set of pots from The Handcraftian. The set of four came wrapped in a newspaper without a single crack. No unnecessary plastic or thermocol. These are sturdy pots with a large drainage hole at the bottom so you can be sure your plant roots will not rot if you overwater them by accident. I had purchased some clay pots from local nurseries, but I found them to be thinner and developed cracks quickly. 

I wanted to try different methods and designs of painting each of the pots. I used regular acrylic paints. You could also use acrylic markers to get better design control and less mess. I’ve also used these markers to paint plastic pots that come along with plants from the nursery. 

Plastic pot painted with markers

On the smaller pot, I even tried transfer sheet stickers (readily available in craft stores). To make sure the paint didn’t wear out, I added a layer of varnish after the paint was dry.

Check out the videos of the painted pots. Which one did you like best?

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