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Home Decor Tips: Glam it Up!

We collect so many items throughout our lives. Some we keep because of their sentimental value, some we actually like, and some only because they were gifted or expensive. 

Home decor tips

All home decoration ideas start with a bit of clearing up. I’ve learned to declutter with a heavy heart. A lot of pieces I had collected during travels had outgrown their purpose. I gave them away to people who might appreciate them more.

However, there are some decorative pieces that could be given a new lease of life with just a little effort. Repurpose memorial cups into planters, or decorate old boxes to use around the house.

A touch of Gold

I love gold highlights across the house. It adds a touch of sparkle and shine in unexpected places.

This wooden deer was a souvenir from a Kenya trip but the dark wood was eating up all the light.

Pile of books next to a small wooden deer

So we turned this into a fun afternoon project and layered it up with some gold acrylic paint. I didn’t feel the need to even add a layer of varnish.

Same with the planter. This purple was a hideous thing, but look what a bit of gold can do!

So what are you glamming up today?


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