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Travelling Tips: Avoid the Hype and Big Expectations from your Travel Destinations

Do you have a travel bucket list? What are the places on it? What is your dream destination?

Have you ever been to one of the places on your bucket list? Or to your dream destination? What was your experience? Did it live up to your expectations or did it leave you underwhelmed?

Dream Destinations via Social Media

The prevalence of social media and photo sharing apps have no doubt increased in our lives. The temptation to visit picturesque places only to be able to share them on social media is strong. These pictures in turn tempt other travellers to add it to their travel lists. 

Many a times, the narrow framing of a photo doesn’t give you a full picture. The beach picture someone’s posted looks aweome and serene. What you don’t see is the pile of rubbish nearby or the hoardes of people crowding around and making a ruckus.

Dream destinations that have let you down!

The Eiffel Tower of Paris is a fixture on many travel bucket lists no doubt. It was on mine too. The lights, the romance, the view – how can it not be?

We reached Paris, offloaded our luggage and rushed to the Tower. Only to be confronted with ridiculously long lines. We waited over an hour in the heat for our turn to go up the elevator, pushed through crowded platforms for a good view, barely had any space to just take in the view or feel the romance. We couldn’t even enjoy sitting in the square because it was so overcrowded. A big let down.

I felt the same when I saw the White House. It’s larger than life presence in every movie it features in makes you expect a grand presence felt from miles around. In reality, you can hardly see it from the gates.

Travel tips!

So, should you never visit iconic, overcrowded places? Of course you should. Just don’t invest a lot of hopes and expectations from them. And, take the time to explore around because that’s wher you’ll find the hidden gems.

Don’t travel to check places off your list. Go where you might not have considered, or during off-season for a new perspective on the place. Goa in the rains and during Christmas time are two very different places.

Travel for fun, adventure, relaxation. Every place will reveal itself in different unexpected ways if only you look out for it.

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