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Looking to start your own Art Journal? Here are some Art Journal Ideas for Beginners

Do you love stationery? Stationery and art shops are my happy place. 

Some time ago, I started drawing on a regular basis and decided to do that in a journal instead of loose sheets. 

I got a few journals from Paperclip to get me started. These are not art journals specifically (they’re thinner papers for writing and dry media) but I loved the colours and variety of the covers. Also, as I was just starting on my journaling journey, I wanted something relatively cheaper.

There are many types of art journals available but which one is best for you depends on your art journal themes. If you mostly work with pencils and collage, no point getting an art journal diary with 180 gsm pages. You need thicker pages in case you work with wet media, or even markers. The best art journals are those that work for you and enhance your work, instead of hinder it.

There are countless stores online and offline that have a plethora of art journal supplies. From the journals themselves to embellishments and tools. You could go down a rabbit hole of things you can buy and be drowning in debt before lunch. Don’t get intimidated by this. 

All you need for your art journal ideas is a journal. Collect bits and bobs from around the house and use them as embellishments. You don’t need expensive art supplies. I started with student grade pens and colours which are much cheaper. Creative journaling is all about getting creative with what you have.

And remember, it’s a journal, not a final piece. Your work might not be perfect as you want and that’s ok. Practice regularly. I kept it next to my bedside and tried to do a page everyday before bed. Over the pages you can compare how you’ve grown and progressed. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

I have even used some of my journal pieces to make greeting cards with cutout mandalas, and tile patterns in blue, green, and pink.

Some art journal ideas for beginners:

  1. Sketch what you see: Items at home or outside, people and pets.
  2. Doodle just about anything: Just give your fingers and pen a free reign and see where they go.
  3. Scrapbooking: make a collage of pretty papers, pictures, snippets from papers and magazines, bits of ribbons and scrap papers.
  4. Select a theme: I have art journals based on different themes: Mandalas, calligraphy, patterns, sketchbook, doodle elements, etc
  5. Explore art mediums: If you’re not sure what medium is for you, or you’re just curious about exploring more art mediums, a journal is the place to try it out. Gouache is different from watercolours and acrylic, colour pencils come in a variety of types, and so do coloured markers. 

Explore, create, innovate!

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