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Things to do in Hyderabad – Himayat Sagar Lake View Point

view of himayat sagar lake after heavy rains

Hyderabad has a couple of artificial lakes that add to the scenic value of the city. One of them is Himayat Sagar. At one point it was considered way beyond the city but in recent times the city has grown to meet it.

If you’ve driven on the roads along the lake, you’ll notice that they’re quite narrow. That doesn’t stop people from stopping their vehicles to take a few pictures, making it more chaotic. The rise of food stalls has increased the number of visitors who have little interest in the natural beauty or the tranquility of the place.

Look for these rocks to know where to take the turn

However, if you take a small detour, you find a place where you can enjoy the view away from heavy crowds, and even discover some hidden paths. It’s best to go during off-peak times, like weekdays and early mornings if you want to take in the surroundings without noisy crowds.

We found this place by chance. It is a turn on the road opposite the lake and leads up a small quarry. You get a good view of the lake especially towards sunset. If you wander on foot, there are paths leading up to a small lake and offers wonderful views and opportunities for gentle treks you can do with kids.

In the rainy season when the water levels are higher than usual, the view looks perfect. The lush greenery mingling with the blue waters, and the clouds often adding some drama make for a picturesque panorama.

You could even pack a small picnic basket and have a snack with an awesome view. Or take some tea or coffee in a thermos and sip away as you watch the sun set. You’ll find plenty of people with the same idea here.

Do you have any alternate routes to enjoy a location whilst avoiding the buzzing crowds? Let me know in the comments.

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