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Paper Marbling Tutorial – Fun and Easy DIY Activity

Paper marbling is a great activity for children to get involved with. It is also fantastic for encouraging them to learn about colours and how to blend them together beautifully. Arts and crafts is always a fun thing to get involved with as it requires manual skill. What’s better than having a bit of arts and crafts fun at home?

If you’re looking for an easy paper marbling tutorial, then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of paper marbling tutorial online with many different paper marbling techniques. Some of them seem quite daunting.

We found one that’s so simple that my (then) 4-year-old could do it. Paper marbling with shaving cream is the simplest of all, albeit a little messy – but the kids love a bit of mess too.

Shaving cream paper marbling needs just a few basic supplies, some you might already have at home. No need to look for specialised paper marbling supplies.

You’ll need

  • Shaving foam
  • Liquid food colouring (mixed in some water)
  • Bowl for the colours (cupcake trays are the best)
  • Dropper (we used one that came with medicine)
  • Tray – flat and large enough for your paper (baking sheet are best)
  • Paper (thick paper)
  • Stick (or toothpick)
  • Spatula to scrape off the foam from paper
  • Cloth to wipe your hands

The video below explains it well, but I’ll detail it out anyway.

  • Get your material ready: Colours mixed with water in separate bowls (or cupcake tray) and the flat tray on a surface that’s ok to get messy.
  • Spurt some shaving foam on the flat tray. Use the spatula to spread it around to make a thin layer. 
  • With the dropper, drop the colours onto the foam in any combination you like.
  • Use the toothpick to swirl the colours around
  • Lay the paper on this coloured foam and gently pat it so the foam gets on it all over.
  • Then lift it up and lay it on a flat surface. 
  • Use the spatula to scrape off the excess foam…and Voila! Marbled paper to use as decor in a frame, or make cards.

You can use the same foam till it gets too muddy then wash it off and start again!

DIY Paper marbling is a fun indoor activity for kids and adults alike.

I’ve used them as embellishments on cards and envelopes.

Paper to use for marbling should be thick enough to absorb some liquid. We’ve used 120gsm chart paper since it was just a fun project. You can go for thicker paper for a longer-lasting project.


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