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Creative DIY project: Use Old CDs and Make a Mosaic Tray

Using old CDs to make a mosaic on a plain tray

The CD Mosaic is a unique corner wall display for your home that provides an old CD with new life. The simple, yet beautiful design allows the disc to be appreciated for what it is: just another item in your collection.

Remember when we had drawers full of cassette tapes? Some originals bought from the store, some blank ones with recordings from the radio, and a whole bunch of mixed tapes.

Then came the CDs and DVDs. They saved a lot of space, but were soon obsolete. I haven’t had, or felt the need to have, an optical drive in my home for over eight years. So now what to do with all the CDs?

There is a lot of clutter in our homes that we don’t use. We donate it to a general recycle bin and hope that tomorrow it will be replaced by something new.

I saw this trick somewhere and knew I had to try. Yes, it repurposed some of my CDs, but it also looked awesome. This is the simplest and most basic way to add a creative touch to any room in your home.

I had a tray that was no longer in use, which would be the perfect thing to spruce up. CDs are made of a shiny membrane stuck to a plastic disc. They need to be separated. The shiny part is what we need.

plain black round tray

Just search for the term How to separate CD layers for good instruction videos. Some of mine broke in the process, and some lost their shine when I put them in boiling water (as one method suggested I do). Good thing I had a whole stack of CDs waiting to be upcycled.

Once the layers were separated, I broke the shiny layer in pieces and glued them onto the tray using regular glue. Once it dried, I mixed up a small batch of white cement and filled in the entire tray just up to the level of the CD tiles.

When the cement was close to drying, with a damp cloth I cleaned up the cement on the tiles. It was difficult and I had to do it one tile at a time so as to not wipe out the cement in between the tiles.

I loved how it looked at the end. The pieces shine like a rainbow in light. I wasn’t confident it would hold up in water if washed, so we’re using it as a decor piece.

What do you think? Was it worth the effort?

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