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Travel Pains: Some pet peeves of the travel life

view of the city below from a flying plane with the airplace wing showing

Do you love to travel? I’m not talking about seeing new places, I’m talking about the actual travel to get there. I love being in different places as much as I hate getting there. Doesn’t matter if it’s by road, rail, water, or air – I’d opt for instant transfer if it ever became a reality. Beam me up Scotty!

I envy people who think of travel in a romanticised way: Enjoy the journey not just the destination. I’ve just never learned to do that. Impatience and inconvenience are big obstacles in my quest for enjoyment. 

I’ve gone on road trips in and outside of India. I love the views, especially travelling in the hills with some heavenly music playing. But pretty soon you’ll get bumpy roads, traffic and dirty loos. It doesn’t help that I get motion sickness on those gorgeous mountain roads. 

I’ve travelled by the Indian railway system countless times. In Mumbai locals and between cities. The longest I’ve travelled by train is from Delhi to Kerala – about two days. The views soon get tedious and I yearn to eat food on a stable table. And don’t even get me started on the Loo situation!

I’ve only travelled on water for short distances, mostly as a day’s sight-seeing trip rather than to reach somewhere. The Sunderbans, Phuket, Kerala, Orissa, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka – all great places with awesome views. The salty, sticky air and the smell of the sea makes a joyride turn sour pretty soon. And have you ever tried going to the tiny loo on a boat? I just don’t drink more than a few sips of water for the whole journey and wait for solid land!

Airplane trips are the best option for me so far. I still have to struggle through the check-in lines, transit and wait times, and did I mention dirty loos? It’s the quickest way to get somewhere. I understand the issue of increasing carbon footprint, but it’s not like I’m travelling every month so I don’t feel too guilty.

As you can probably surmise by now that public toilets are at the top of my list of travel pet peeves. What are yours?


  1. Very interesting post (May I say, as always)! “Just want to eat on a stable table” I FELT that physically 🤣 Your post reminds me about how loo is the most difficult part of any transport system. Trains, especially 🤮 I avoid drinking too much water while traveling for that very reason 🤭

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