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What is the meaning of a Mandala design?

Mandala in black and orange

A mandala is simply a geometric design, most commonly a circle, derived from the Sanskrit words that mean a container of essence.

Mandalas represent different aspects of the universe through their symbolism, and are used during meditation and prayer as a tool to lead you on your spiritual path.

Although most commonly associated with Eastern cultures of Buddhism and Hinduism, mandalas have been depicted in other cultures as well, such as in Persian, Mayan, and Aztec civilisations.

Do Mandalas have meaning?

Traditional mandalas are filled with symbolism such as the lotus that depicts balance, and the sun that represents the universe. Many of the imagery used in mandalas relate to life and energy that serve as a guide to the path to enlightenment.

The Purpose of a Mandala

In recent years, mandalas have become popular as a meditative element. Traditional symbolism has given way to more creative and intricate patterns. 

Creating a mandala is a transformative practice. It could help restore inner peace by allowing you to focus on the patterns that are often repetitive. As your mind grows quiet, you are better able to let go of your worries of the day and it may also help you enter into a spiritual space.

If you’re looking at wall art ideas to liven up your rooms or mandalas for walls, look for local artists. They could customise it according to your colour choice and aesthetic.

Check out my post on easy Mandala tutorials to make your own masterpiece.

Have a look at my Instagram collection for inspiration or to order a customised piece.


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