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Learning to Make Mistakes: Don’t let fear hold you back

Semi circle mandala in oranges and red tones

The fear of making mistakes holds us back from doing a lot of things in life. When it comes to being creative, the thought of “my art isn’t good enough” keeps our creativity in check. I know I struggle with getting past that thought every day, and so do a lot many great artists I admire. Having a fear is rational, getting beyond it is what makes us outstanding.

I’ll admit there are some who are not at all attuned to their artistic side. No matter how much they try, they are unable to imagine and create. Don’t worry! There are plenty of art projects for people not good at art. Colouring pages for example. 

In these videos below, I show how to go about making a Mandala. Learn to create your own mandala template. Starting from making the grid, to the framework and then filling in the details. These are easy mandala designs for beginners.

Can you count how many mistakes I made? Some are quite obvious but thankfully easily worked around.

Almost every time I’ve sat down to work on something, I’ve made mistakes. Just a moment’s distraction could mean an extra line somewhere. Or a bouncy kid making your hand shake. The trick is to not stress and pretend it’s what you meant to do. Make it part of the work. 

There will be times though that mistakes cannot be covered up. If it’s a small one, no worries…it’s the difference between handmade and computer generated. Sometimes, mistakes can’t be corrected so you just need to put it aside and start anew. It happens. Move on.

As for tools, you don’t need any special mandala art pens. I started with regular ball-point pens. Mandala art therapy is a great bedtime routine. I keep a small notepad and pen at my bedside and try to do small simple mandala patterns. It lulls me to sleep. You can collect mandala pattern ideas from all around you. Just keep practicing and making plenty of mistakes.


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