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Tips on how to decorate your walls

Living room gallery wall

How do you decorate your wall? Or let me start by asking, Do you decorate your walls? Some people prefer the meditative calmness of blank walls (or are unable to find the inspiration to hang something up). While some like colour and chaos.

How to accessorise your walls

Decorating your walls is sort of an art that helps the interior decoration come to life. If you are ready to give your walls a new look, then here are few points that will inspire you.

Personally, I have never seen any living space that didn’t have some sort of wall decor. Whether it’s a tiny hut, or a large expansive home, there’s always something that’s purely decorative that doesn’t serve an obvious purpose.

What is the purpose of wall art?

It does add colour and cheer to a space, but more than that it gives a room a personality of its own. It tells a viewer a little (or lot) about the person occupying that space. A minimal piece of art, or a burst of colours; a few select pieces or a variety of items; personal pictures or symbols of faith; street finds or expensive art pieces; all these give a glimpse of your personal preferences and style. 

Things to keep in mind for wall decor ideas

What kind of an ambience are you going for:

Do you like a contemporary space with sleek frames and stylish art, or do you prefer traditional Indian wall decor? These would be ornate wood carvings or folk art like Madhubani paintings, Tanjore art, Pichwai paintings or the many different fine art forms from across the world.

Few vs many:

Do you prefer a minimal look with just a single focal point or the bohemian look of a riot of colours and objects? The dust situation dictates some of these choices as well. If you live somewhere that’s prone to dust buildup, you either choose a manageable number of decor pieces or keep a dusting cloth handy. You don’t need to overdo either of the styles. No need to put a tiny picture on a large wall, or conversely hang everything you own on that one available wall. Curate the pieces you have and rotate them if needed.

Gallery wall is one of the trends in home decorating. It’s a simple and minimalistic way to hang art. Take a look at gallery wall ideas that you can easily make for yourself and guests notice it right away!

Personal pieces vs collected works:

Do you or someone you know paint, embroider, photograph, craft, or scribble? Do you like to display photos of you and your family and friends? Did something in the store window catch your eye? Do you have a collection of souvenirs? If you love it, hang it. 

Wall decor paintings don’t have to be expensive or by renowned artists (although posters of famous works of art are also available if you can’t afford an original Raza or Hussain). The purpose of art is to elevate…your mood, your thinking, your space. That can also be achieved by a child’s scribbled version of their favourite toy.

What goes where:

The wall decor for living room will differ from the wall decor for bedroom. Some people prefer not to display personal photos in rooms accessible to outsiders, others are more than happy to share them with everyone. The only thumb rule to go by is to assess the purpose of the space and decide what would be suitable. Bedrooms and study/work spaces would have a painting that’s calming and not distracting; a kitchen would have something that’s inflammable and not obstructive. Beauty flows from purpose.

Don’t get too bogged down by the choices you make for wall decor. If you are confused, try out a few different styles in different rooms to see what you like. If you have too many pieces and not enough empty walls, rotate your pieces by season or events. 

Most importantly, don’t be a decor snob. Whether it’s a wall decal sticker or an intricate hand-painted mural that adorns a room, everyone has different priorities, limitations, style sensibilities, and budgets. Let your creative ideas flow in the spaces you occupy and experiment and change your mind as often as you can.

Look for more design inspirations from other homes.

Get wall art paintings and mandalas online and start planning for your walls as well.

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