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view of himayat sagar lake after heavy rains

Hyderabad – Himayat Sagar Lake View Point

Hyderabad has a couple of artificial lakes that add to the scenic value of the city. One of them is Himayat Sagar. At one point it was considered way beyond the city but in recent times the city has grown to meet it. If you’ve driven on the roads along the lake, you’ll notice that they’re quite narrow. That doesn’t stop people from stopping their vehicles to take a few pictures, making it more chaotic. The rise of food stalls has increased the number of visitors who have little interest in the natural beauty or the tranquility of the place. However, if you take a small detour, you find a place where you can enjoy the view away from heavy crowds, and even discover some hidden paths. It’s best to go during off-peak times, like weekdays and early mornings if you want to take in the surroundings without noisy crowds. We found this place by chance. It is a turn on the road opposite the lake and leads up a small quarry. You get a …

gazebo on a lawn with pool next to it

Day Trip near Hyderabad – The Baby Elephant Farm

Are you looking for day trip near Hyderabad? Check out the Baby Elephant Farm.  Short trips will give you enough time to learn something new, get refreshed in your mind and have some fun also! Getting away from the noise for some relaxing weekend R&R at a farm stay isn’t something you’ll want to pass on.  They only accept a limited number of people at a time so we had to pre-booked our trip and food. It had been raining all week and we were quite apprehensive about having to spend our time there indoors. Mercifully, the skies cleared up just in time for the weeknd! It took us hardly any time to reach there. It’s a green haven among a city intent on developing through building more concrete structures. The lush greenery, in part because of the monsoons, was a stark contrast to the construction sites all along the route. Our table was set up in a gorgeous shaded gazebo next to a small swimming pool. Our son wanted to immediately get in. After …

view of the city below from a flying plane with the airplace wing showing

Travel Pains

Do you love to travel? I’m not talking about seeing new places, I’m talking about the actual travel to get there. I love being in different places as much as I hate getting there. Doesn’t matter if it’s by road, rail, water, or air – I’d opt for instant transfer if it ever became a reality. Beam me up Scotty! I envy people who think of travel in a romanticised way: Enjoy the journey not just the destination. I’ve just never learned to do that. Impatience and inconvenience are big obstacles in my quest for enjoyment.  I’ve gone on road trips in and outside of India. I love the views, especially travelling in the hills with some heavenly music playing. But pretty soon you’ll get bumpy roads, traffic and dirty loos. It doesn’t help that I get motion sickness on those gorgeous mountain roads.  I’ve travelled by the Indian railway system countless times. In Mumbai locals and between cities. The longest I’ve travelled by train is from Delhi to Kerala – about two days. The …