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Baby hand holding mom's finger

Parenting in the 21st Century: What’s it like being a parent now vs when we were kids

What is it like to be a parent today, as compared to ten years ago? Well, I’ll remove the suspense for you. It is very different. I am a mother of a wonderful child. At first I was not quite sure what to do in my role as a parent. It wasn’t until I got over the shock of having a new person in my house and got some practice changing diapers that is when my real lessons began. Parents will worry Being paranoid comes naturally to every parent from the moment they hold their first child. The fear of something bad happening to your child is like a constant nagging at the back of your head. You think it’ll subside as your baby grows older and learns to navigate the world. But, in reality, you just learn to live with it.  I was surprised to learn the reason for this. Apparently, right after giving birth, the mother’s amygdala in the brain becomes active. It is responsible for your survival instincts making you overprotective of …

Mother with her newborn baby

Childbirth and its Aftermath

Pregnancy might be your most beautiful stage in life, but it’s certainly not as rosy as it is made to sound. Becoming a parent is the greatest thing that can happen to a person. You hold a baby inside you for nine months and then you finally get to meet the tiny troublemaker. Becoming a parent is one of the biggest changes you’ll ever go through in your life. It can be exciting and scary. It’s the kind of change that will enrich your life or destroy it. Few things are as more important than parenthood. It’s a difficult job, but also an important one to have. Becoming a parent for the first time can be very intimidating. Having a baby changes your life Like most women, I had only ever heard of good things that happen when you have a baby. You glow while you are pregnant and are always smiling looking at your cute baby bump in the mirror. Childbirth pain is just a minor inconvenience that you’ll forget as soon as the …