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gazebo on a lawn with pool next to it

Day Trip near Hyderabad – The Baby Elephant Farm

Are you looking for day trip near Hyderabad? Check out the Baby Elephant Farm.  Short trips will give you enough time to learn something new, get refreshed in your mind and have some fun also! Getting away from the noise for some relaxing weekend R&R at a farm stay isn’t something you’ll want to pass on.  They only accept a limited number of people at a time so we had to pre-booked our trip and food. It had been raining all week and we were quite apprehensive about having to spend our time there indoors. Mercifully, the skies cleared up just in time for the weeknd! It took us hardly any time to reach there. It’s a green haven among a city intent on developing through building more concrete structures. The lush greenery, in part because of the monsoons, was a stark contrast to the construction sites all along the route. Our table was set up in a gorgeous shaded gazebo next to a small swimming pool. Our son wanted to immediately get in. After …