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kids bedroom with red walls

How to update your kids bedroom as they grow

The beauty of any room is in its functionality. When form follows function, you automatically feel more comfortable in that space and use it more, filling it with your energy. When it comes to planning a child’s bedroom, the function keeps changing as they grow.  Kids rooms ideas As kids grow and change, so do their needs. We cannot, of course, keep completely renovating their rooms every year. Kids rooms do have a few things in common even as they age. Once we identify the key aspects of what we need from the space, kids room makeover becomes more manageable as they transition from one stage to the next. Kids bedroom ideas for small rooms If you have larger spaces at your disposal, then you can do much with it. You can segregate different areas for different activities for the kids without overwhelming the entire house. However, kids bedroom ideas for small rooms need a little more thought and planning. Here’s how we transitioned from a nursery to a ‘big boy’ room. When our son …

Living room gallery wall

Tips on how to decorate your walls

Some people prefer the meditative calmness of blank walls (or are unable to find the inspiration to hang something up). While some like colour and chaos. Wall art not only adds colour and cheer to a space, but more than that it gives a room a personality of its own. We give you some wall decor ideas for your own spaces. Assess your priorities, limitations, style sensibilities, and budgets then let your creative ideas flow.