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Cards made out of scrap bits of paper

My Creative Mantra: Don’t Waste – Create

Crafters have a stash of leftover bits and bobs. Art and craft ideas just jump in your head when you think about it. It is a treasure trove of art and craft ideas for kids.There are easy crafts to do at home with these. Unleash your creativity. Use scrap paper to make a greeting card or paper crafts for home decoration

Paint pour try DIY

A weekend project: An easy acrylic pour painting DIY

A few years ago, one of the art trends that the whole world seemed to be trying was acrylic paint pour. It looked beautiful. Paint pouring is basically pouring different coloured paints on a canvas and swirling them a bit for a unique marbling effect. Because this is fluid art, you have little control of how the paint will flow. You can have some amount of control in how you pour and distribute it, but other than that it has a mind of its own. Which means that every single piece you make will be unique.  It’s a little more difficult than it looks in most videos. You need to get the consistency of the paint right, mix the right amount, and swirl it to get it across the whole board.  Start with a few smaller practice pieces to get a hang of it. I did not. I was overconfident and messed up big time. Learn from my mistakes people! Thankfully I was able to salvage the piece. I tried another one as a gift …