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Day Trip near Hyderabad – The Baby Elephant Farm

gazebo on a lawn with pool next to it

Are you looking for day trip near Hyderabad? Check out the Baby Elephant Farm

Short trips will give you enough time to learn something new, get refreshed in your mind and have some fun also! Getting away from the noise for some relaxing weekend R&R at a farm stay isn’t something you’ll want to pass on. 

They only accept a limited number of people at a time so we had to pre-booked our trip and food. It had been raining all week and we were quite apprehensive about having to spend our time there indoors. Mercifully, the skies cleared up just in time for the weeknd!

It took us hardly any time to reach there. It’s a green haven among a city intent on developing through building more concrete structures. The lush greenery, in part because of the monsoons, was a stark contrast to the construction sites all along the route.

Our table was set up in a gorgeous shaded gazebo next to a small swimming pool. Our son wanted to immediately get in. After a leisurely dip, we went for a tour of the farm. 

We had bought our son’s cycle, so he pedalled all over with ease. We walked along with our guide who explained how they manage to grow plants organically through crop rotation and mixed cropping. It was quite interesting.

The best part for everyone, and most of all our son, was meeting the farm animals. We fed the cows, said hello to the poultry chicks (including a ‘bonkers’ turkey that was brought in for a Thanksgiving dinner that never happened), and played with some goat kids. We also met the adorable dogs that call this place home.

Lunch was superb. For us foodies, an affordable farm to table deliciousness in an awesome atmosphere is all we could’ve asked for. 

While we lounged with a full tummy, our son played on the lawn and the trampoline. He had the best time running free. There was another family with kids his age so he had instant friends as well. 

I love how kids just casually start playing together. No introductions needed.

We had our tea just before the rains started. We took it as a hint to move along home.

Set up by the brains behind the Sage Cafe in Jubilee Hills, this is a passion project. It is obvious in the way it is carefully designed and maintained. Every member of the staff is enthused about the philosophy of organic farming and sustainable living. 

Since we haven’t been able to travel, even domestically, we’re trying to travel locally as much as possible. There are so many places to see, so many things to do in Hyderabad that we don’t know when we’ll cover it all. I feel there will always be a hidden gem we’ve yet to uncover. And that’s how I like it to be!


  1. This sounds awesome! Glad the rain cooperated with your plans. The pictures are wonderful too! Can see from you post that this was a relaxing trip. I also like how kids mingle without the need for any introduction. Hoping to make this trip sometime. Thank you!

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